Counting My Blessings: FRIENDS

Based on my Facebook list of friends as of Dec 3,2012, I have exactly 1,131 friends.

I would have to be honest; I don’t believe I have that too many friends. I know I am known to be friendly. Ehhmmm… I know I was awarded Most Friendly for 3 years back in High school 🙂 🙂 , but come on!!! 1000 plus friends in a cyber world?!!

If I would have to narrow down my list and look back to the very day  I could still remember how I encountered and started my friendship with these people, a thousand is now down to a hundred and 50’s and to a very few people left.

My longest friendship ever is with Dr. Lourem  Sioson. Trust me, I may be so proud of what she has become now, but I am not used to calling her Doctor. To me she is still the same simple, sweet and smart girl called “Yeyet” I used to know back when we were still 6 years old; Kinder 11; wearing our cute  green Notre Dame uniforms  at San Isidro Parish Learning Center.

Yeyet and I went to the same Elementary School where we met amazing set of girls:  Annalyn , Joan, Anna Marie and my closest and smartest cousin who happened to be my classmate , Eden.  We were 6- 7 yrs old then. And from that day forward, we have been part of each other’s lives.  We went to the same High School, except for Yeyet but the friendship remains.  From one of the girls’ wedding; to their children’s Christening; mom’s b-day etc.. Our friendship went beyond just being together in happy days, our bond brought each of our families together.  Our parents and siblings have become part of the friendship that we have started and nourished too and I know I am with good company because my family is on it. Over 2 decades of friendship with these girls is something to be considered as one of my many blessings.

Just when you thought I only have girl friends, you were wrong. I also got my boy friends, although they don’t  wanna be called boys anymore. They are men now:  Jeric; Mark Anthony ; Harold and Joey are my closest guy friends I met in High school and we still maintain the bond 10 years after.  Joemarie is one of them too, I just recently reconnected with him after HS. Thanks to FB. And guess what? I have become friends with their wives too!

College was a totally different environment for me. I was all alone, my HS girls went to different universities and we had to explore, go out of our comfort zones and start making new friends. I Found a new set of friends at Jose Rizal University. My girls who until now, still find time to update each other every now and then. I found my bestfriend Thea and the rest of the girls, Ann, Brenda, Matet and Jane.

I also have my ComArts girls and boys where I was one of the Board of Directors at the Campus: Kaila and Pam , Ices and Emond the rest of the BOC’s and POC’s. MY Youth For Christ campus-based buddies: Eugene, who is now married to Pam, and my kuya Paulo.  Not to mention the guys : Laurence, who happened to marry my best friend Thea later on, Jonathan and brothers Mickey and Mike.  I also found at the University my comic partner, Johndel and our forever audience and fans, Noel and Kuya Bob. I am happy to maintain the friendship I have with these people to this day.

Now, when the going gets tough at the corporate world, I still run to these people and everything just feels so right again.

Yes, at the corporate world! I have been working for 6 years now and I have met a few people who I still see and value friendship with until now. Back in TUI at Sykes, my first ever company, I have Steve! My brother/sister from a different set of parents, I have Syl , Pam , Ronna and Wendee, as well as the whole of team Ron. We only see each other once a year but we know we still value the friendship.

After a couple of years ,I moved to Sutherland and I have found my soul sisters in Cris, Love, Vanz and NC. I also have friends like my former housemate Roni and Krisna  who I met from Suth.  I later on, joined eBay Training Team at Sutherland and I got special connections with my fellow Trainers too; Emhir, Ed and LJ as well Anna E. I love my training team and I learned a lot from them.

My New-Found Friends

I’m now with IM and for a year, I have my constant companions and travel buddies : Tracy, Chito, RJ and Pauleen. I also have mommy Mitch, Keno and Karen as my IM closest friends.

Wait, I am talking about my IM friends, and before 2012 closes, another IM friend adds up to my list. He is the person I have not seen personally yet but have been exchanging banter with lately, yes via email. He is Dan L. from IM New York. (He promised he will read my blog whenever his name is on here 🙂  ). Thank you Dan for laughing at my Corny jokes and for making me feel that I am not the only corny in this world. Hahaha

To complete  the list of my important friends in my 27 years of existence,  I have my Singles For Christ ladies. They are my support system, my spiritual pillar, my prayer warriors and my sisters from different mothers: Jaja, Dana, Miki, Tin, Atty. Maan, Dr. Kat, my college friend Ann is on it too as well as the rest of the household group.

If these aren’t my blessings, then I don’t know what being blessed means.

Thank You guys for being part of who I am now,  and I look forward to our never-ending friendship. 🙂

And thank you God for giving me one important gift:  the gift of FRIENDSHIP!!

2 decades of friendship

2 decades of friendship

loving college friends

loving college friends

TUI friends

TUI friends

Sutherland Angels

Sutherland Angels

IM friends

IM friends

SFC girls

SFC girls


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