Counting My Blessings: Job

I‘ve been working for almost 7 years now; have been to 3 companies within these years. I live in a country where Business Process outsourcing (BPO) is one of the booming industries. I am one of those who work at night to be able to follow the US business hour. For 7 years, this has been always my job. I’ve never been to a normal work schedule.  I dread Pinoy holidays such as New Year; Xmas; Holy weeks etc. because I can’t be with the rest of the family. I’m out working because technically, I’m on the other side of the world.

This has been my issue, I always want to quit and find a normal job. The thought of a higher salary that I’m getting now always holds me back.

How can I afford to pay-off my mortgage if I won’t have night differentials anymore? How can I afford my personal travel costs if I won’t have this luxurious job anymore? These have been my inspiration for the longest time until recently when my perspective in life has changed.

It’s amazing how ordinary things that you see in the streets almost every day suddenly make an impact in your life and made you realize how lucky you are with what you currently have.  I am talking about these people who work and struggle to earn a living every day. While I struggle to go to work at night because I wanna sleep longer, or because I wanna spend Friday night outs with friends, there are people in the street who are uncertain if they can be able to make both ends meet. While I want to spend holidays with my family, there are head of the families who are uncertain of what to bring to the table not just on Xmas eve but every single day. While I’m concerned about which cab brings me to work safely, there are workers whose lives are in danger, one wrong move and the entire family suffers. Seeing these things that I have taken for granted and have over seen for the longest time because I was too busy whining, makes me feel so lucky and grateful for what I have now. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank You Lord for a wonderful Life!

PS: My idea for this piece is for me to shoot pics of these hardworking people but due to time constraint, I’m using pics that I’ve searched from Google. Credit goes to those owners of the following photos:






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