Party Like No Other!

When was the last time that you felt the ultimate satisfaction? What will make you smile the sweetest? When was the last time you felt loved unconditionally?

These questions seem so easy; I think I can answer them in just a snap, without even batting my lashes. I could have answered the ff:  I felt so satisfied when I was able to stand on a surf board for a couple of seconds after 10 attempts. I would probably say, I smile the sweetest when my boss recognizes my hard work; or I’d say my parents love me unconditionally. No sweat, right?

March 02, 2013, at the Gawad Kalinga NTC village, 36 kids made me realize that there’s more to life than the material things t hat we acquire, that there’s more satisfying than being able to stand on a surf board; that being a blessing to others is indeed more than gratifying!

It was last year when my friend and SFC sis Kristine brought up the idea of celebrating her 27th b-day with the less fortunate kids. It was on Saturday that it finally happened.

Along with the b-day girl’s friends and siblings, we visited GK NTC site with our loot bags ready to be given away. Tin arranged a Jollibee party with the kids which makes the day livelier. Everybody dances with the ever-energetic Jollibee, the mascot.

It was a tiring yet gratifying day! Amidst the heat of the summer sun, in a charity village where less-fortunate families live, I found the satisfaction that I was looking for. The joy in every child’s eyes as they party with the rest of the kids; the innocent smile in each child’s eyes when they were handed bags of goodies, they are incalculable!

The “thank you’s” that we received from the children and their parents are more than satisfying.

In every bite of food that satisfies their hunger; in every sweet and innocent smile pasted in their lips during the 2- hour party; in every “thank You” that the kids have uttered, I felt so blessed to be part of the event. These kids may have felt blessed to be partying with us, but I myself even felt more blessed to be able to share our blessings with them.

I thank Tin for putingt this all up. Thank you too to our Singles For Christ sisters and brothers who helped.

I’m glad I decided to be part of this plan. I could have spent my Saturday with someone else at some cozy party places, but I am happy I spent it with the kids. And I’ll definitely do it again.

The boys

The boys

more kids

more kids

thanx for the smiles Jollibee

thanx for the smiles Jollibee

he cant stop dancing

he cant stop dancing


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