Why Malaysia Made Me Cry?


It was early February when we planned our Malaysia Trip. Joan and I   ( my childhood friend ) and one of her friends are set to go on  April 29 , 2016.

Everything has been planned out.

  • MNL – KUL tickets – check
  • KUL – MNL tickets – check
  • V garden hotel reservation – check
  • Plane tickets fro KUL to JB ( where Legoland is) – Check
  • Our bags – check

Everything seems complete except for one thing – my passport is expiring on Oct 12, 2016. – That’s a few days less than 6 months.  And I was not allowed to travel. Yes, I was at the airport , but I was not allowed to go.  I know it was my fault, I didn’t check.  I just counted the months – April to Oct is 6 months but I didn’t mind the days which turned out to be so important.

I couldn’t fly, that’s it. I tried begging at the Department of Foreign Affairs Office to extend my passport but I found out that DFA no longer gives passport extension to tourists now. You will only be granted passport extension for emergency reasons and that requires supporting documents. So my poor self couldn’t do anything – I was so helpless and hopeless. I went back to the airport and beg again at Cebu Pacific check in counter, talked to the supervisor if they could let me go obviously, to no avail.

I felt so doom, I felt so hopeless, my flight has left, and Joan and her friend have left. I knew she was a little worried that she will go out of the country without me.  We have been travel partners for ever.  I know we both hoped that I could still follow.  I did everything, but my best wasn’t good enough. Deep inside me, I was breaking down already. I had nowhere to go but the airport chapel.

OK, why was I overly reacting to my vacation being cancelled?  Why my heart was bleeding because I couldn’t go? I could always renew my passport and visit some other time, right? My best bru  will be ok with her friend anyways. Why did I have to beg at the airport to just let me go even if the risk of being sent back from airport to airport is there? ( Yes, I would have been willing to stay at KUL  airport  if that’s what it takes).


My prince surprised me and made a quick plan to travel to Malaysia to be with me. His flight was scheduled a few hours ahead of ours; hence he arrived at Malaysia first.   And I couldn’t bear breaking his heart because I wasn’t coming.  And that’s the sad reality. I didn’t come.



3 thoughts on “Why Malaysia Made Me Cry?

    1. Thank you Stavfree, Well, it didnt turn out so well, good think Bestfriend was there to be with the bf.


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