Malaysia Itinerary

How I Managed a Well- organized Trip?

I met a new travel buddy and I plan to keep it my travel companion forever.

I just got back from my 5 nights/6 days Malaysian trip and I must say, I have achieved a seamless and my most organized trip so far. I was able to make plans along with duration, distance, mode of transportation and suggested locations because Triphobo made these all so easy.

I first stumbled upon this trip organizer online when I was checking for suggested itinerary for Malaysia and my upcoming trip to Hong Kong. In my quest for a detailed itinerary sample, Google brought me to TripHobo ( .

So what sets this apart from other trip planners I found? Let me give you top off my list:

  • Travelers could opt to make their trips public so other travelers could check it out
  • This app could be downloaded in your mobile ( yup, I have it in my Android now)
  • Free trip plans are available
  • It gives you suggestions on where to go and how long are you ideally spending in one location
  • It gives you the liberty to move around your plan depending on your pace and your desired location for the day
  • It gives information about the attraction that you want to go to
  • It gives suggestions on the nearby location of your destinations
  • Map and printable version of a plan is available

I could go on telling what I like about this application, but I want you to discover more of this by experience. Please go ahead and check the link or better yet download it on your mobile.

To give you a snapchat, here’s  the link to the itinerary I made via Trip Hobo for 6 days in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

I’m now planning my next out of the country trip and surely, Triphobo will guide me all throughout.

Oppss, don’t get me wrong. This is not only for abroad. I also see trip plans within my own country. Look at yours too.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Trip hobo for this blog. I just felt the need to write this because I want to share how this app helped me a lot in my recent travel.



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