A Girl From Mindanao

Before 2010 situation:

Hi, my name is Shiela, I’m from Maguindanao.

Where’s that?

It’s in Mindanao, I’m from ARMM region.

Are you a Muslim?


Hi, my name is Shiela, I’m from Maguindanao.

Oh are you related to the Ampatuans? Or the Magundadatos? (This is pertaining to the Maguindanao Massacre that put Maguindanao in International media.)


Hi, my name is Shiela, I’m from Mindanao.

Is it safe there? Are you not afraid of Maute? Do you still live there?….

Yes, I was born and raised in Maguindanao Province, the seemingly inconspicuous place down south until the 2010 massacre happened that involved two highly influential political families.

Maguindanao is a neighboring province and a sister province under Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao of Lanao Del Sur, in which, its Capital city, Marawi is currently under siege  because of Maute – Isis group’s penetration that caused the government to declare Martial Law.

Yes, sad to say, of the numerous achievements, positive contributions of these poor provinces, their claim to distinction was focused on war, crimes and all the negative things there are…

As a girl who was molded into a productive individual in the heart of Mindanao, my heart bleeds for my homeland.

Today, I want to make a point:

Yes, I am from Mindanao, I am from Maguindanao.

Am I Muslim? No I am not but I have a number of Muslim friends. And there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim.

They are Islams,yes! And NOT all Islams  are terrorists just as not all terrorists are Islams.

I pray that one day, when someone from down south is asked about his province, and someone heard Mindanao or Maguindanao, or Marawi ,  you will be able to recall our places with all the positive things that these have contributed to the society.  It’s beauty, It’s colorful culture…. Someday… someday, one day!






17 thoughts on “A Girl From Mindanao

  1. About the whole muslim terrorist thing- this world is one hella confusing place but what I do know is that ISIS members aren’t true muslims. I just want to spread the word because there’s enough hate already. Anyway, great blog! <33

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    1. I agree.. I respect and honor Muslim and the Islamic Religion and I know these people are far from the good teachings Islam teaches.
      This group is a terrorist not a religion. Thank you for reading.

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