Getting Around Kuala Lumpur

I have been getting a lot of messages lately about my Malaysian Trip specifically KL. That was almost a year ago already, but since I realized I haven’t really posted anything about it aside from the TripHobo Itinerary  I made,   I will share some of my favorite pics. I’m not good in taking pics, hope you bear with me.

Arenaa Star Hotel

Arenaa Star Hotel – Our Home for 5 nights at the heart of KL

KL Tower ( Menara)

KL Tower ( Menara) -Towering the Petronas Twin Tower – view from the Hotel rooftop

Museum Tekstil

Museum Tekstil – Beautiful Architecture right across Ocean Park and the I Love KL sign

Pampas Restaurant waslighted by the tower

Pampas Restaurant and KL tower at 5am  ( we love taking a walk at dawn)


Artist at the Central Market – Ive seen him paint some Philippine Celebrities too. I have my neice’s photo charcoaled for souvenir

enhance (8)

Need I say more?!

enhance (22)

When the tower changes color!

enhance (24)

Shi Narayanan temple – Beautiful and Holy

enhance (19)

A sight to behold! Peacock at the Batu Cave.. There a lot of them!

enhance (5)

Abdul Samaad Building, just right across Tekstil Museum

enhance (21)

Batu Cave – There were renovations when we came, that explains the scaffolding around the Murugan Statue.

enhance (15)

KLCC Park – we went at around 5pm to see Twin Tower at day time and waited all the way til lights turn on.


Twin Tower by day


Twin Tower by night!


There you go, I hope you all have fun.

Take care!


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