600 Followers + Q&A portion!

Jirah from https://jirahmerizz.wordpress.com and   https://eyeseesomething.com/ recently sent me a few questions and some of you left in the comment section awesomely interesting questions all through out the years.  Some questions were thrown during the Awesome blogger award nomination.  As my way of thanking you, my 600+ followers, I am answering some of those questions today!

 Cheers to all creative minds who can freely express emotions through writing! You guys are awesome!

Here you go!

  1. Question: What is your goal in blogging?

Answer: My goal is to inspire readers and honestly, I am hoping that one day, I can earn  financially out of writing.  I know I have a lot of learnings to do to reach that point.

  1. Question: Do you plan to start Youtube soon?

Answer: Not in the near future but I’m not closing my doors to any possibilities. As of now,  writing is really my passion.

  1. Questions: What do you like and dislike about the blogging community?

Answer: What I like?

  • I like meeting new friend and reading what others have to say about a certain topic. All the blogs that I follow, I make sure to read some of their pieces. Ok, I admit, not all of the entries but before I hit the follow and like button, I make sure I have read atleast one article.
  • I like it that I get a lot of ideas from my fellow blogger specially on beauty and style..
  • I like reading book reviews, and I also get to know other awesome book authors through book reviews
  • I get to express myself and I get to inspire other readers
  • Ahggggg… I have so many things in mind…. The pros are limitless

What I dislike? – 

  • People posting negative posts , rants, whines and anything that do not inspire at all
  1. Question: What life lesson do you appreciate the most and why?

Answer: To have faith in God. No matter what happens, trust in the Lord. We will never go wrong. While we have faith in God, do your part. God cannot just give everything we need, we need to work hard for it too.

  1. What motivates you as a blogger?

Answer: All my followers motivate me to blog. People messaging me that they get something from what I write keep me going. Your Comments, likes and reblogs motivate me all the time. Plus, blogging is my way of sharing my views and experiences to a larger audience.

I hope I answered well. 😊 ! No seriously, I hope you get to know me better through this.

Thank you.

Love, Simplyme



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