Flavory, Savory, Flowery Flabbery!

Have you ever been at a point wherein you wanted to send your friends, or family or your significant others a surprise treat but you were halfway across the globe?

That situation sucks, I know.

Well, worry no more! If you are somewhere in the world and you want to send a friend in India birthday treats, be it a flower, a cake or chocolates, Flabbery is the answer!

What is Flaberry?

It is an online site where you can place your orders of cakes, flowers, chocolates of even decorative plants at a very reasonable cost.

What’s the payment scheme? You can wire transfer, you can pay through CC or Debit card. If you are out of the country, Paypal is the safest and the most convenient option for you.

You may visit https://www.flaberry.com/  for their wide variety of goods! I promise you the service is good and they have wide coverage of delivery. India is a big country, but Flaberry will deliver right at your doorstep.

I have a firsthand experience with Flaberry customer service and I definitely got the smoothest transaction ever.

Their products look tempting! I will surely try each one of them. I am now trying to write down names and occassions for my target Indian friends to get surprises from Flaberry.

This I screened shot from Flaberry's website
These photos  I screen grabbed from Flaberry’s website


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