My Thoughts About “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” Movie

First, I have to say, I am not the one who would normally watch a movie that has a very simple and predictable plot. I am very practical when it comes to where and what I spend my money and time on. I am glad Netflix is very handy now. I can watch wherever and whenever I want. Words about this movie was very tempting, hence, I gave in. 😊

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a 2018 American teen romance film directed by Susan Johnson, based on Jenny Han’s 2014 novel of the same title. The movie was distributed by Netflix.

The Story revolved around a teenage girl, Lara Jean, who wrote a love letter to whoever she had a crush on at that time, but she didn’t have any intentions of sending them. Among the guys were her best friend Josh  who ended up to be her sister’s boyfriend. There was also Peter Kavinsky who was the boyfriend of her former best friend whom she parted ways with because Gen was an insecure spoiled brat.

Lara Jean’s life started to get complicated when her youngest sister sent out all the letters that she was keeping for so long!

Lara’s world was confronted with the most complicated situation a teenage girl could ever experience. Peter took this opportunity to ask Lara Jean to pose as his pretend girlfriend because he just broken up with Gen.

As you all suspected, the pretend Love story became real. … And they live happily in Love!

A normal predictable love story, right?

But what was my take on the story and the characters?

Well, the plot was nothing unusual. As I have mentioned, the story was very predictable.

It’s a normal teenager world – where crushes, young love and first loves are the most important things in the world.

But… as a 30 year old girl, I must admit I felt 15 years younger while watching Lara Jean’s and Peter’s love story unfold.

Peter, played by Noah Centineo is every teenage girl’s dream boy. Physically, he was tall, and ruggedly handsome. His role in the movie was sweet, loving and your typical boy next door. Who wouldn’t fall for that, right?

Lana Condor who played Lara Jean was  good too. She was the “school-home-family”  type of girl, and all these relationship thing was new to her. A certified virgin.

The tandem was cute on screen. Lana has Vietnamese blood. A very Beautiful Asian girl and her beautiful Asian skin and Asian eyes complemented with Noah’s American look! Noah was HANDSOME! Never not smiling while watching him.

May favorite Scenes?

  • Noah stood for Lara Jean and fought for his love
  • I like how Lara Jean’s dad pushed her to have fun and enjoy high school life – that includes PUSHING her to go to parties and giving her condom. (not sure if he is a cool dad with condom thing or not, you decide).
  • At Peter’s house, after dinner
  • Hot tub scene
  • Pocket Spin
  • Sisters relationship

For the benefit of those who have not watched and are planning to watch, I won’t elaborate on the scenes.

From an almost-old-maid who doesn’t normally watch love story, let alone teen love story, I’m telling you, this is worth your time. You will find yourself smiling the whole time, and even after watching the movie. Feel Good at its finest!


15 thoughts on “My Thoughts About “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” Movie

  1. I’ve had the audiobook forever but never listening to it. I did watch the film on Netflix and it was good/sweet. As you mentioned predictable but sweet. I prefer that to oversexed teenagers anyway. Great post 😘


  2. I agree with everything you said. I don’t normally watch movies with predictable plots or teenage movies at all. I too watched it on Netflix because what they said about it drew me in. And I too felt like a young girl while I watched it. The big difference between you and I is that you’re still young at 30 and I’m 65.


  3. I’m not a huge romance fan either but I loved this movie! Lara Jean’s character was very relatable to me. I don’t feel the characters were cliche. At one time we were all new to having crushes and learning how to deal with romantic feelings and unsure if we could handle a relationship instead of fantasizing about it.


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