Sunblock For Me!

For a tropical country like The Philippines, one is always under fire any time of the day! 😊

When I say, fire, I mean, scorching heat which could potentially damage the skin.

I was always on the quest for the best sunscreen for my skin. The one that won’t give me white pigmentation and won’t be too heavy on my skin.

And friends, after several tries, I think I finally found my “duo”.


1. BIORE UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++

  • It is not sticky at all, which I love so much.
  • It does not leave oily or greasy feel on the skin
  • No white residue, unlike other sun screen that will make you look like a ghost in a broad day light 😊
  • My friend got it from Taiwan but there’s available for sale from Beauty Manila.50 gms is for 488.00. pesos only
  • My skin is not sensitive, I did not feel any irritation of reaction.
  • I usually use this as a base in my daily make up. Very light in the skin.
  • I give it 4.5/5 
    I got the photo from Beauty MNL as I failed to take picture of actual photo 

    2. LAUREN & CO BEAUTY Bare Skin Facial Sun Mist with SPF 35 – Renewed (50ml)

  • Very Handy, on the go sunscreen
  • This is a face mist that has SPF
  • Could be used on top of makeup ( just spray on your face)
  • Budget Friendly – I got mine from beauty Manila, P299.00 for 50ml
  • All Filipino brand – Yey, support local as much as possible.
  • I give it a 5/5
Lauren and Co.
Photo taken from Beauty MNL as mine has been scratched already. 

So what I usually do is use Biore before putting my make up on, and Sun Mist to reapply, it’s perfect because It doe not ruin my makeup.


Note: this is not an AD. I just want to share my good buys! This might work for you too.

6 thoughts on “Sunblock For Me!

  1. Nice write up. When you say “won’t give me white pigmentation”, do you mean there are no whitening agents in it? I am leery of almost all cosmetic products in the Philippines, because most seem to have some type of bleach or whitening agent. I’m a Kano, that’s the last thing I need. One fellow expat told me of using some sunscreen from his Filipino wife, and getting chemical burns on his already white skin from the caustic whitening agents in the product.

    What I have found, is that the best sunblock for me, is fabric. I wear lightweight long sleeves and pants, only exposing my skin for brief periods of time at places like the beach. And of course, I always have my cowboy hat!

    Of course we guys are more simplistic than you ladies in our approach to such things.

    Take care,
    Cordillera Cowboy


  2. The sun sure is more brutal where you are at. But your area is tropical isn’t it? How pretty. I work with friends from the Philippians.
    The sun ages us, so I try to remember sunblock. I got a facial once and she told me the sun ages you 90% and 10% is genetics. I don’t know if this is true


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