Emergency: Please Help Taal Victims

Hi Virtual Family!

As you might have heard, the second most active volcano in the Philippines, Taal, located in Batangas and usually tourists view from Tagaytay city, has errupted on Sunday afternoon, 6PM Philippine Time.

Thousands of families are now in evacuation areas. It breaks my heart seeing babies, elderly and mommies sleeping uncomfortably in evacuation floor, not having enough food and full of uncertainty about the coming days. One thing is for sure. They will stay long in the evacuation areas bec their houses are covered with ashes. I live 50kms away from the area but we experienced terrible ash fall and sulfur smell, what more the people who are in Tagaytay and Batangas areas?

While the government is doing its best to give assistance, nothing is really enough for people in abject need.

They are in need of these basic things:

– Diapers

– formula milk

– Sanitary pads

– drinking water

-canned goods

-N95 and up face masks

– rice

People abroad could send money to Paypal account. Ill get details of trusted groups who are already doing the outreach program on the field now.

I know I have not asked or wish for anything in my page, all I wanted to do was write. But today is different, I want to use this avenue to knock at your generous hearts.


Please leave a comment below if you want to help for instructions. In kinds ot monetary will do. Big or small, they will go a long long way. Also, your biggest contribution will be prayers for safety of my countrymen, the animals and that this wrath of nature will end and communities will be able to settle in again soon.


Thank you in advance.

P.S :typing in mobile while  in a moving vehicle, excuse typos.


Edit: I finally got a hold of my laptop, so I am editing this post to show some links on how we can help:

These are the following people or groups that are on the field now helping out privately:

Instagram @hershey_official

Hershey is a business woman based in Batangas. She and her brother personally go places to gather funds, buy products and distribute. check her instagram posts for photos.

PAYPAL: hersheyhilado@gmail.com

Acc #: 1093 5089 9990
Hershey Valerie Thompson


Here are other details, choose which is aconvenient for you:


From Mindanao Daily Mirror


from Brgy San Juan SAn Pablo City FB

From Brgy San Juan SAn Pablo Laguna FB post


Here are a few snaps that hopefully move your generous hearts.

A clip for kababayan abroad:

ABS-CBN Appeals To Overseas Filipinos, Global Communities For Help For Communities Affected By Taal Volcano Eruption


Video link From CNN:


taal coffee_dante

Photo by @Coffee_Dante



Actual photo from Miss Hershey Hilado Instagram – Thats her in the crowd of evacuees who would fight tooth and nail to get Milk formula for their babies.


jeff canoy

Photo from @Jeffcanoy ( an ABS SBN reporter)

Taal from CNN

Photo From CNN




This will forever haunt me, I’m crying inside for animals ( Photo from Abscbn new Instagram)


Please help in every little way you can.


Thank you.

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