My Quarantine Story

Wake up at 11:30, start my online job at 12 noon, take 2-hour break in between. 2pm – this is when I start preparing for Brunch. I know right, brunch during snack time, does not make sense but, well! By 3pm, brunch is done. I have a few minutes to spare before I go back to my work desk. At 4 pm, I start working again for 2 hours.

At 6 pm, I make it a point to come as quickly as I could to my apartment’s rooftop to catch the sunset. I have never imagined I would look forward to catching sunset every day. There were occasions that I missed the sunset but hey, I saw a beautiful moon one time! And Yes, I also saw a super pink moon. What a Treat!

While enjoying the sunset, I do my stretching routine, a few leg exercises and I finish it off by going back and forth the stairs. I’m generally lazy but this quarantine is making me exercise because, what else would I do? And it feels great, actually! Well, it sored at first, okay?

By 6:30, I take a shower and get ready for my work again at 7pm. 2 hours of sitting is boring and killing me so I again take a break. 9pm – this is when I have coffee and I would rummage my fridge for anything that I could pair my coffee with.  My breaks are also used to talk to my boyfriend, my parents , my siblings , etc .( Thank you, messenger and zoom).

By 10 pm, I am ready to sit for another 2 hours again and work my way off until 12 midnight.

By putting long breaks in between, I would not even notice that I could complete 8 hours of work every day. (thanks to my online company for flexi time).  By 12 midnight, I would prepare late dinner. By 1 am, my sister would be done working too. (Yes, she is in the room working all along). So yes, we eat dinner at 1 am, by 2: 30, I would be on bed reading a book. (I make it a point to NOT USE MY PHONE for at least 1 hour. I read at this time). If I’m not reading, I’m binge-watching any Netflix shows or my favorite youtuber’s Vlog. I go to bed at 4 or 5 am and yeah, the saga continues. Another day, another stay-at-home routine. What’s important is we are Virus -free and we are helping in flattening the curve.



What about you? What is your quarantine story?

Share in the comment section please. Tell me your location and your routine.

Stay Safe Everyone!



Love from Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines,




28 thoughts on “My Quarantine Story

  1. Interesting post. I’m “stuck” in Siem Reap with my girlfriend. Actually we’re pretty comfortable, safely housed in a boutique apartment complex with jungle garden, pool and onsite restaurant. Basically just blogging like crazy, doing a series of articles on the cafes and restaurants of SR and how business owners are coping. In between typing, we take a swim, or I might go for a jog. In the evening a movie and a beer. We are working our way though the films of Stanley Kubrick chronologically. Next up… Lolita. Stay safe and keep on trucking.

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  2. not a bad place to be stuck at. I have always wated to visit Cambodia. Travel planning will have to be on the backseat for now.
    Boi, that would have been our situation too had we pushed thru with our Bali trip. Two days before the trip, we decided to cancel, a day after , our government announced a lockdown. What a timing!
    I could only imagine how difficult it is for businesses. Stay safe and keep writing. I can’t wait to read all your pieces.
    Nice movie options, btw.

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  3. I love it that you rush up to see the sunset each day. One thing I’ve learned about the tropics is that the sunrise and sunset are so often spectacular.

    Except for not being able to go to town whenever we like, our routine on the ranch is almost the same as most other days.

    We have our breakfast, then I walk down to the barn to feed the horses. I relax while they eat, then clean up the stalls.

    Our helpers are still working on various building or repair jobs. My wife is happily clearing and planting more garden space.

    There is enough variety to keep my interest. I can take a horseback ride up the mountain and only encounter one or two people.

    Yesterday, I trimmed the hooves of our new horse.

    Right now, the horses are relaxing in the shade of trees beside the barn. I’m listening to the call of a coucual on one side, and the song of cicadas on the other.

    Lif for us is fairly normal. Except for the alcohol ban LOL.

    Take care,
    Cordillera Cowboy

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    1. I AM JEALOUS!! How I wished I lived in a countryside right now. I missed my hometown so much specially at this time.

      Yes, I never thought I would be so excited about sunsets.
      I’m glad to hear you are doing great!

      Oh yess, I ran out of wine and beer and we could not get any because of liquor ban, so I guess, I will come out of this lockdown really clean, alcohol free and a changed person.

      By the way, as of this writing, Enhanced Community Quarantine in my city has been extended to May 15, which means I will be alcohol-free for so loooooooong!
      Not complaining though, Being virus-free these days is one of the biggest blessings.

      Thank you so much and keep safe.

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  4. Beautiful sunset. What are you watching on Netflix? We are on the stay home order until May 15 but Texas began opening businesses 2day ago on Friday. So work may want us to come back to in working

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I’m into comedies so I rewatched earlier episodes of Friends, I finished up Modern Family and Im waiting for the final season to be on netflix.
      Also, Jokoy and Ali Wong’s shows. (watched all of Jokoy’s 3x maybe)

      On a different Genre, I watch 100 Humans.. its really good if you are interested about Human Behaviour.

      And I’m not gonna lie, I finished Love Is Blind too.

      My sister is into Korean series, but I’m not patient enough to read subtitles.

      Keep Safe, okay?

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      1. You too. My bestie talked me into Love is Blind. She loves those kinds of shows. It drove me nuts but I liked a few of the couples.
        I am a period piece kind of girl. I love shoes like Outlander, Spartacus, The Last Kingdom etc.
        I did watch The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and the Legacies.
        I admit that I didn’t really like the Originals and Legacies but I watched the whole seasons.

        Now, my husband is watching Ozark. I’m trying to figure out what’s next. I need a new show, I’m thinking Little Fires Everywhere since I read the book


      2. A friend recommended “Anne with an E”. I haven’t checked it yet but sounds interesting.
        Hahaha, I feel you. I did not like reality shows specially love stories because in actuality, its not really “reality”, but I liked one couple and just like you, i finished the whole show despite not liking it at first.

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      3. I finished Anne with an E. It was cute. I have followed that one since it debuted a couple is years ago. But I did like it a lot.

        I’m looking at starting Belgravia on Epix which a lot of friends like. Also Jamestown on PBS since Sanditon didn’t get a second season


      4. I guess about time i check Anne then..
        Thankfully, this pandemic happen at the time that we have wifi and streaming sites. (well, could have been best if it did not happen at all).
        Imagine when it happened 25-30 years ago, when we switch on the TV, all we would see are news about Pandemic.


  5. My husband is retired, but I am not. However, I now (temporarily) work from home. I have no real office space, so I work at the counter, and then move to a bedroom table when I make calls. It works. The commute is easy 🙂 If all is calm on the work front, I sign off at 5:00, we put on our walking shoes, and we burn off some energy for a few miles of walking. It helps clear the mind and loosen the muscles, even though I am NOT losing weight. We had to cancel a May vacation, and I’m very ready to be done with this. But we are healthy and we have all we need. It is fascinating to hear how others are dealing with it, and I agree, your sunsets are beautiful!


    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read. Really appreciate it.

      I had a Bali trip supposedly last March but was cancelled too. Yes, you are right, main priority now is to be Virus-free. When everything is back to normal, we could plan for travel again.

      In my city, jogging/walking at the park is not allowed. So I do my stretching at home or at the rooftop.

      Glad you are doing good. Hang in there, we will get through this.

      Keep Safe!

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  6. Good for you for staying home and flattening the curve. It must be nice to set your own hours. When I worked (I am retired now), I had to be at work by 7 a.m. so I had to go to bed very early. I like being on my own schedule now.


    1. Thank you, Laurie. I worked for American companies for 14 years. My jobs required me to work at night time ( bec of time difference). I recently resigned and took on Online Tutoring job. It was supposed to be a part time job while travelling and resting, but the pandemic happened. No travels happened and the job became full-time 🙂


  7. Quite the time to learn to enjoy the little things that make us happy and to not plunge in some kind of nightmare where everything feels intangible! I do like your rooftop-time though! I wish we had access to it to make the most out of the warm and beautiful weather, especially in May! I also have loads of reading time squeezed into my days since the quarantine. Hope you continue to stay safe! 😀


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