Late Night Thoughts

And here I thought I know this place so well
I believed I know every edge and every corner
I called it my home for a decade
But now it dawned to me, I am a stranger in this place.

Here I thought I know everyone
That eveybodyelse is as happy as I am
Here I thought I could trust these people
Turned out ambition could change one person.

Is it time to say “so long’?
Is it time to find another comfort zone?
I sure did accomplish alot in this home
But I think its about time I find a new hearthstone.

Sunday Mass Online

Being a devout Catholic, we are required to observe the Sabbath day and other days of obligations. I make it a point to allot an hour of my Sunday to hear mass from the church near my apartment. But as a human being, we are sometimes confronted with challenges. Inevitable things that ruin our routine, our plan.
I always feel guilty when I miss Sunday mass ( not that I am always present, I’m not a saint) but I try. I really do.
I recently caught a viral infection which stopped me from going to church one Sunday. But at that time, I didn’t feel any guilt at all. Why? Well…..

I finally found something on the web. 

Yes! A Sunday mass Online!! Isn’t it awesome?!!
I really appreciate that there’s an available platform where I can hear mass at home when I am sneezing and coughing hard and afraid that my co-parishioners will catch my virus.
I emailed them and I asked permission if I could write about it and Father Paul Fagan himself replied. He was so gracious and gave his nod. So here I am, sharing with the world what a gem I have discovered online.
So, when you are travelling, or sick at home, confined in a hospital or stranded somewhere, I hope you find it helpful too.
When you open the website, you will see their banner:
“We are a TV parish with a mission to bring The Sunday Mass to the home bound and so many others”

More details I copied this from the website:
About The Sunday Mass
The Passionists of the St. Paul of the Cross Province began their television ministry in New York in December of 1970. From the first broadcast, The Sunday Mass was enthusiastically received by the home bound and the infirm. Today, hundreds of thousands now join in the celebration of The Sunday Mass nationwide on Freeform, formerly ABC Family Channel and worldwide via the internet.

P.S: They need sponsors too, so I would like to take this chance to knock at your generous hearts and appeal for donations. You could visit or click DONATE button from the main page.


Sharing with you some screen captures that I have from last Sunday.


Father Paul presiding the Mass
Such a powerful Choir, you can also contact the flashed number

Peace be with you!!



Sunblock For Me!

For a tropical country like The Philippines, one is always under fire any time of the day! 😊

When I say, fire, I mean, scorching heat which could potentially damage the skin.

I was always on the quest for the best sunscreen for my skin. The one that won’t give me white pigmentation and won’t be too heavy on my skin.

And friends, after several tries, I think I finally found my “duo”.


1. BIORE UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++

  • It is not sticky at all, which I love so much.
  • It does not leave oily or greasy feel on the skin
  • No white residue, unlike other sun screen that will make you look like a ghost in a broad day light 😊
  • My friend got it from Taiwan but there’s available for sale from Beauty Manila.50 gms is for 488.00. pesos only
  • My skin is not sensitive, I did not feel any irritation of reaction.
  • I usually use this as a base in my daily make up. Very light in the skin.
  • I give it 4.5/5 
    I got the photo from Beauty MNL as I failed to take picture of actual photo 

    2. LAUREN & CO BEAUTY Bare Skin Facial Sun Mist with SPF 35 – Renewed (50ml)

  • Very Handy, on the go sunscreen
  • This is a face mist that has SPF
  • Could be used on top of makeup ( just spray on your face)
  • Budget Friendly – I got mine from beauty Manila, P299.00 for 50ml
  • All Filipino brand – Yey, support local as much as possible.
  • I give it a 5/5
Lauren and Co.
Photo taken from Beauty MNL as mine has been scratched already. 

So what I usually do is use Biore before putting my make up on, and Sun Mist to reapply, it’s perfect because It doe not ruin my makeup.


Note: this is not an AD. I just want to share my good buys! This might work for you too.

SG with Family!

We have been blessed with an opportunity to travel together again as one family. This was after my niece was born and my dad was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. With the baby in tow and with dialysis sessions that dad should not miss, it seemed impossible to travel. But with go signals from dad’s doctors and all the needful for his health, plus, our baby girl is now three, big enough to walk, off we went to Singapore!

( if you are in the same condition or your family member has the same health issue but you wanted to travel, hit me up, I can tell you what are the things to prepare as advised by our doctors, by the airlines, etc)

This trip was even made special because it was dad’s birthday. This was my second trip to Singapore, yet, this place still amazed me.

Giving you glimpse of our trip.

Accommodation : Strand Hotel

Address: 25 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189619

Phone: +65 6338 1866

You could book via / no pre-payment required.


What are the places near the hotel?

  • Right outside the hotel is MRT Bencoolen Station, on the other side of the road is Bras Basah MRT station. Very convenient.
  • Across the hotel is a Food Court called Food Republic that offers wide variety of food. ( this was where we had most of our meals specially breakfast)
  • Beside Food Republic are 7-11 store and Starbucks Coffee.
  • About 5 minute-walk from the hotel, we attended Sunday mass at Church of the Sacred Heart.
  • Walking distance from Bugis Junction – One of the well-visited shopping sites in Singapore.

Getting Around the City:

Since we were a big group and my dad was advised to refrain from walking, plus we needed a car seat for our toddler, we always took advantage of grab cars. It may seem expensive but it’s worth it if you are in a big group. We would always book 1 6-seater and 1 grab with kid ( 3adult +1 kid).

So much for my words, here are the outtakes of our Singapore trip.

Marina Bay Sands at Night


View From Merlion Park
Merlion Park
Jewel at Changi
View From Singapore Flyer



Have fun!

Leaving you with this:

Always find time to spend with your loved-ones. Need not be pricey, but memorable.


Thank you. Love, SimplymeSMC.

Letter for Our King

You came at the most unexpected time!

Yes, so unexpected that left the entire family stunned for a few days.  Your dad was going to be a priest. That’s the mindset of your Lola and Lolo, the mindset of your great grand aunt who happened to be my mom who is very close to your dad.

You cannot blame them. Adults in our family are plan-oriented, and your dad was going to have his ordination in three months. Everybody thought he will be the first priest in the family. But God had a different plan. Your dad met your mom and they were destined to be together.

Being the closest aunt to your dad, I could still recall him messaging me one day. Maybe confused, maybe afraid of breaking the news to your Lola, my cousin. Maybe needing someone who would tell him, “everything is going to be okay”. As far as I could remember, I told him to assess and confirm he is 100% sure of his decision to get out of the seminary. And If he is certain that the vocation was not really for him, the entire family will surely understand and will support him. Yes, I know for sure, he will hear the never ending “whys” and “ohhhsss” and “are you sures” but these will all pass.  True enough, the entire clan supported your dad’s choices.

Not long enough, you were born. Oh boy, I was a lola at such a young age.  But you brought so much joy to the people around you. You grew up to be so sweet and smart little boy. Your Lola Neneng would always tell us about funny things that you made, or your achievements in school.

Last month, I messaged your dad to bring you over to Manila during summer break, so you could go to theme parks. You deserve to have fun because I heard you have been a very good pupil in school. Your baby sister was about to arrive, so your dad said, you will visit us when the second baby is a little bigger and fit enough to travel.

We waited for you. We knew you would have awesome time bonding with your little Aunt who speaks straight English like you. We were excited because we knew you both will click in an instant. We looked forward to that time.

Little did we know, God was also waiting for you up there. Your Lola called me at 4 am and informed of your passing. Of all the losses that our family had to go through, yours was the hardest to accept. You were just 5. You had a whole life ahead of you. You left unexpectedly, King, just as you arrived. But we find comfort in the fact that you are happier with God now. In there, no more pain, no more hurt. Just pure bliss.

I didn’t get to see you in person despite your dad’s constant nagging for me to come home to our hometown. Sorry, little one, I didn’t go out of my way to meet you. But we shall see each other one day.

Rest well and please whisper to God that He makes your mom and dad stronger for your little sister.

Sleep little one, you are in solace now in the hands of God. Heaven gained another angel in you, King.



Dear Children of Marawi

2years ago today:

To remember everyone affected during the Marawi seige, I am reblogging my open letter to the Children of war.


(An Open Letter to Children of War)

I wish I could say I know how you feel but really, no one of us, outside the war zone could say that.

I understand you have been through a lot and I salute you for not giving up.

5 months of fear; 5 months of uncertainty, 5 months of being in evacuation area; 5 months under the mercy of people sending you your basic needs; 5 months out of school;  5 months of terror; 5 months of questioning what happened to your beloved place. Long months of asking: ‘Will we ever get out of here alive?’

I know that’s too much for kids like you to experience.  I know that’s the most unfair thing children like you would ever deal with. But please know that after the war, you are the strongest and the bravest kids in my eyes.

It’s not easy…

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Happy Mother’s Day

YOU, who carried a human for 9 months ( 7 or 8 for some), and raised wonderful human beings for the rest of your lives,

YOU, who did not bear a child but love one as your own,

YOU, who in your own loving ways made a kid find his comforting, motherly love,

YOU, who lost a child, but doesn’t make you less of a mother anyways,

YOU, whose job as a mother has no retirement age,

YOU, who first taught us what Unconditional Love is all about,


On behalf of all grateful kids in the world, I want you to know that we Appreciate you so much!

And we LOVE you, momma, mommy, mum, nanay, ina.