Happy Holidays!!

Hello Guys,

Happy Holidays! I hope you are all doing well.

As many of you may know, Christmas in the Philippines is celebrated longer than other countries.

As soon as September Kicked off, you could already hear Christmas songs everywhere ( insert Jose MariChan here).

Now, as Christmas is approaching, we are all busy attending parties, family reunions, kris kringle and other merriment.

I have done wrapping all my presents. For a couple of years, I recycled brown bags to make the gifts more sustainable. However, I recently moved to a new place and I was unable to keep all brown bags that I was supposed to be using for this season. So, I decided to still go simple by replacing brown bag with Manila paper and ofcourse, red ribbon. This is way cheaper than Christmas wrappers. Plus, I put effort decorating the gift to make it more personalized.








Next week, we will start planning for Christmas food.

Since I work at night, I am unable to attend “Simbang Gabi” or dawn mass.

What about you, what preparations are you doing? How will you spend your Holidays?


However you want to celebrate, may we all remember the REAL reason for this season!

Sunday Mass Online

Being a devout Catholic, we are required to observe the Sabbath day and other days of obligations. I make it a point to allot an hour of my Sunday to hear mass from the church near my apartment. But as a human being, we are sometimes confronted with challenges. Inevitable things that ruin our routine, our plan.
I always feel guilty when I miss Sunday mass ( not that I am always present, I’m not a saint) but I try. I really do.
I recently caught a viral infection which stopped me from going to church one Sunday. But at that time, I didn’t feel any guilt at all. Why? Well…..

I finally found something on the web.

Yes! A Sunday mass Online!! Isn’t it awesome?!!
I really appreciate that there’s an available platform where I can hear mass at home when I am sneezing and coughing hard and afraid that my co-parishioners will catch my virus.
I emailed them and I asked permission if I could write about it and Father Paul Fagan himself replied. He was so gracious and gave his nod. So here I am, sharing with the world what a gem I have discovered online.
So, when you are travelling, or sick at home, confined in a hospital or stranded somewhere, I hope you find it helpful too.
When you open the website, you will see their banner:
“We are a TV parish with a mission to bring The Sunday Mass to the home bound and so many others”

More details I copied this from the website:
About The Sunday Mass
The Passionists of the St. Paul of the Cross Province began their television ministry in New York in December of 1970. From the first broadcast, The Sunday Mass was enthusiastically received by the home bound and the infirm. Today, hundreds of thousands now join in the celebration of The Sunday Mass nationwide on Freeform, formerly ABC Family Channel and worldwide via the internet.

P.S: They need sponsors too, so I would like to take this chance to knock at your generous hearts and appeal for donations. You could visit https://thesundaymass.org/en/donate or click DONATE button from the main page.


Sharing with you some screen captures that I have from last Sunday.


Father Paul presiding the Mass
Such a powerful Choir, you can also contact the flashed number

Peace be with you!!