Happy Holidays!!

Hello Guys,

Happy Holidays! I hope you are all doing well.

As many of you may know, Christmas in the Philippines is celebrated longer than other countries.

As soon as September Kicked off, you could already hear Christmas songs everywhere ( insert Jose MariChan here).

Now, as Christmas is approaching, we are all busy attending parties, family reunions, kris kringle and other merriment.

I have done wrapping all my presents. For a couple of years, I recycled brown bags to make the gifts more sustainable. However, I recently moved to a new place and I was unable to keep all brown bags that I was supposed to be using for this season. So, I decided to still go simple by replacing brown bag with Manila paper and ofcourse, red ribbon. This is way cheaper than Christmas wrappers. Plus, I put effort decorating the gift to make it more personalized.








Next week, we will start planning for Christmas food.

Since I work at night, I am unable to attend “Simbang Gabi” or dawn mass.

What about you, what preparations are you doing? How will you spend your Holidays?


However you want to celebrate, may we all remember the REAL reason for this season!

100 followers + Why I write?

When I started writing in WordPress all I wanted was to have a platform where I can store and share my articles. I didn’t know about likes and follows at the beginning. All I know is I am writing from the heart. I never post regularly. I only post whenever a topic arises that I really feel strongly about. I don’t write just because… I don’t write despite of… I don’t write for nothing…. I just want articles that hit me home. And I thank you, my 100+ followers for believing in me. Now, I know that whatever you do, as long as it comes from the heart, it will always be remarkable.

Thank you for liking, following and sharing the blog.

Cheers to writing to inspire!

Big Three Zero ( Tagaytay)

So, It was my Bday! And what better way to celebrate my #dirtythirty than have it with family?

Big sis with her Boyfriend, ‘lil sis and myself drove all the way to Tagaytay City to celebrate my #threezero on #10thofJuly.

A short background about Tagayatay City – ( source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagaytay )

Tagaytay  is the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations because of its outstanding scenery and cooler climate provided by its high altitude. Tagaytay overlooks Taal Lake in Batangas and provides one of the iconic views of the Philippines, the view of Taal Volcano Island in the middle of the lake, viewable from several vantage points in the city.

Tagaytay is relatively close to the capital city of Manila, only 55 km (34 mi) away via Aguinaldo Highway, providing an easy escape for the locals from the heat of the big city.

It is always great to have an escape from your daily routine at work, especially when it’s spent with your family and have it on your Big day!

As brainyquote.com say, Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories.

I thank God for thirty good years full of wonderful memories with people I really care about.

Today, I’m making more memories with my sisters, one of the greatest gifts I ever have.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Sky Ranch Tagaytay- It was a rainy afternoon, so fog is all over
Bulalo to beat the rainy weather
Bulalo to beat the rainy weather
Sky Eye covered with fogs
Sky Eye covered with fogs on a Saturday afternoon
a visit to lady of Manaog Shrine
a visit to lady of Manaog Shrine
Sisters goofing around
Sisters goofing around
Smile with sissies!
Smile with sissies!- At the Most Beautiful Starbucks place in the Philippines – Starbucks Twin Lakes
Dinner at Carlo's
Dinner at Carlo’s-Pizza and pasta are great
The cold didn't bother us
The cold didn’t bother us
Breakfast at the hotel - affordable and yummy beef tapa
Breakfast at the hotel – affordable and yummy beef tapa
They know I'm not into sweets so I'm having a mini cake on my Big day
They know I’m not into sweets so I’m having a mini cake on my Big day

Our Road to Big Three – Zero ( Singapore)

With us turning 30 this year, also marks the 24th year of our friendship.

It has always been a part of our bucket list to travel abroad before we reach 30. Amongst the “brus”, as we call one another, only Annalyn has the chance to go out of the country for several times already with her family.

It was Joan’s and my first time to travel a foreign land and SG is our first destination.

Sharing with you our Singapore Adventure- The first destination on our road to big Three Zero!

Singapore Flyer: The world's tallest Ferris Wheel
Singapore Flyer: The world’s tallest Ferris Wheel
Tourist Unlimited Card that we purchased that could be used in MRT, LRT and bus
Tourist Unlimited Card that we purchased that could be used in MRT, LRT and bus
Bugis Junction Area
Bugis Village Area
Trying out local food with my Bru
Trying out local food with my Bru
A pose with Merlion, ofcourse
A pose with Merlion, ofcourse
Marina Bay Sands at night
Marina Bay Sands at night
Obligatory Selfie at Universal Studios Logo
Obligatory Selfie at Universal Studios Logo
Goofing around like true-blue foreigners :-)
Goofing around like true-blue foreigners 🙂
In a land of Far far away
In a land of Far far away
Giant grove at gardens by The bay
Giant grove at gardens by The bay
We were like Kids again
We were like Kids again
We saw panda bear
We saw panda bear
Taken by my beautiful travel buddy
Taken by my beautiful travel buddy
Singapore Botanical Garden
Singapore Botanical Garden

One Artsy Sunday

As Thomas Merton said: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time“. 

On Sunday, end of May 2015, I let lose and I found myself amidst gigantic paintings all over me.
My ‘lil and I visited Art In Island. An interactive 3D art museum in Quezon City. We have experienced art at its finest.

For those who are wondering, here’s the museum’s complete address:
175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila
(02) 421 1356 ( Inside Cubao Expo) 
admission fee: 500 php 
operations time: 9:30 am – 9:30 pm

Let the photographs tell the rest of the story , Enjoy!

Life’s Best: Travel and Girlfriends

Traveling is one of my hobbies. It gives me a bizarre experience, a feeling of independence and a chance to appreciate world and its beauty.

When I’m not travelling, I love spending time with my friends. Being with them makes me feel happy, at peace and our time together could take us down memory lane. – remembering everything that we went through as kids, as teeners, asstudents, being adults, and for Joan, Motherhood.
I recently got the chance to hit two birds In one stone – an out of town vacation with two of my treasured girlfriends, Annalyn and Joan.

I practically grew up with these ladies, along with other childhood friends. 10 years of being classmates, a lifetime of being friends, and now, travel buddies. What else could I ask for ?
In an ordinary blog, I would probably be sharing with you my travel itinerary, budget breakdown and practical tips on exploring Bohol island, but now, I will give you a snap shot of my treasured moments with my girlfriends of 24 years at the beautiful island of Bohol.
This is just a start of our travels together.

The next time I reminish with them, this travel is surely a part of of wonderful memories that we will always go back to.

Lunch by the floating restaurant in Loboc River
Lunch by the floating restaurant in Loboc River
what's a trip to bohol without a visit to  our little friends?
what’s a trip to bohol without a visit to our little friends?
Butterfly sanctuary
Butterfly sanctuary
Driving an ATV
Driving an ATV
chocolate hills which we jokinlgly call Pandan Hills because it was green when we were there
chocolate hills which we jokinlgly call Pandan Hills because it was green when we were there

Camera 360 Camera 360

Joan and Me on snorkeling DAy
Joan and Me on snorkeling DAy
With Annalyn : this is has been here a couple of times already but for us, she didnt mind going again.
With Annalyn : this girl has been here a couple of times already but for us, she didnt mind going again.
Man-made forest at the background
Man-made forest at the background
Shell Museum
Shell Museum
I love these girls
I love these girls
just like the old times
just like the old times
being in a beautiful place with eautiful people
being in a beautiful place with eautiful people

Love and Time

Adopted from: http://www.andrews.edu/~mtse/love.htm

Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived:

Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others including Love.

However, one day it was announced to the feelings that the island
would sink, so all prepared their boats and left. Love was the only one
who stayed.

Love wanted to stay until it started sinking. When Love was almost
sinking, he decided to ask for help.

Richness was passing by Love in a beautiful boat. Love said,
“Richness, can you take me with you?”

Richness answered, “No, I can’t. There are a lot of gold and silver in
my boat. There is no place here for you.”

Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by, “Vanity, please
help me!”

“I can’t help you Love. You are all wet and can probably damage my boat,”
Vanity answered.

Sadness was close by so Love asked for help, “Sadness, let me go with

“Oh…Love, I am so sad that I prefer to go alone!”

Happiness passed by Love too, but she was so happy that she did not
listen when Love called her!

Suddenly, there was a voice, “Come Love, I will take you.” It was an
elderly. Love became very happy that he even forgot to ask the name
of the elderly.

When they arrived to the other side , Love asked Knowledge who the
elderly was. “It was Time.”

“Time? But why did Time help me?”

“Because only Time is capable of understanding you…… Love.”

A Short Trip To A Lifetime Journey

Traveling is one of my favorite things in life.
Not only do I get to see beautiful scenery and visit top tourists destinations in the country, I also get to learn every provinces or regions’ culture.

I enjoyed every steps of my travel, from booking a flight, to going through all travel blogs for suggestions , to learning about my destinations geography and culture. During my travels, I get to live life fully! ( At least, that’s what I thought)

Due to important things that I have to apportion my budget to, I mellowed down on my traveling in 2013.
Instead of booking flights to different places within the country, I settled for short trips with cheaper expense.

One short trip brought me to a very special place. A place beyond compare: A trip to ANAWIM, a home for the aged in Rodriguez Rizal.

Seeing Lolo’s and Lola’s (old man and old lady ) at ANAWIM and hearing their stories set my heart to bleed specially when I found out that some of them were abandoned by their own family, yet, I am happy to see the positivity in them.

At the mini program held at the ANAWIM compound, our dear oldies showed off their talents in dancing and singing.
I felt proud that I get to witness how Lolos and Lola’s wowed the visitors.
I also thought of what their families, the family that abandoned some of them was missing out.

They didn’t get to cheer Lolo Rod in his Boogie and Cha-cha moves. Lola Ana’s family didn’t see how graceful she was at the dance floor, or how Lolo Steve serenaded the crowd. Lolo’s grand children or Lolas’ kids didn’t get to push their wheel chairs while wandering around, talking about anything under the sun. I know these old buddies miss them so much.

Despite what these oldies have been going through, they still manage to be happy in a community that they belong. They maybe away from their own families but ANAWIM tries so hard to give them care and comfort that of a family.

The entire experience changed my perspective in life.
I valued my own folks more than ever. I value life in general.

What seem to be a short trip to ANAWIM paved the way to my lifetime journey. A Journey to a meaningful life!

Thank You Tracy Fordan for the invite!

(**** names are intentionally changed to protect the oldies’ identity)

Jolan Rocks!

CaptureThis is the transcript of an article that made it to the IM Q3 Newsletter!


A team without a leader is like a ship without a captain. Just like a ship, without a great captain, the team will sink. A team lead makes or breaks the team for it’s the TL who oversees performance of the entire group. Many call themselves a leader but only a few embody “leadership” in its truest, deepest meaning. For me, leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal and my Team Lead is one of the few.
The first time I got to talk to her was two years ago when she had a one-on-one talk with me as a newbie to the call center team. She had my trust in an instant because she made me feel welcome and she let me voice out my expectations from her, from the team, and from the program itself. In return, she also pointed out hers. This alone was a sign that she was willing to listen to a subordinate like me. Her being open to suggestions and feedback and her flexibility have impressed me the most. Not to mention her fair treatment of everyone in a team. She set rules agreed upon by the entire team and she imposes these rules no matter the person involved. This is apparent in simple attendance or stats issues.
We have been under her leadership for a couple of years now, and we are witnesses to how she constantly exerts effort to improve her craft. Just like us, she does not rest on her laurels, too. She also goes out of her way to study the process and even asks clarifications. She has visions not just for herself but for the entire team. This is obvious with how she encourages the entire team to excel in everything that we do in order to get qualified in any career opportunities within the company.
Furthermore, she goes out of her way to ensure that her associates who show potential get support and additional trainings that they need to prepare them in stepping up to the plate. She does this by devoting hours of her Saturday mornings conducting learning sessions for some reps; she teaches a group of rep from the team about management skills and coaching techniques to name a few.
Juggling her time between motherhood and leadership, she aces both fields and that makes her exceptional. At work, she manages the call center team so well, making sure that a day-to-day service level is met. Back home, she never misses any single milestone in her kids’ lives, be it at school or simple things at home, and she proudly shares them with the team. She isn’t perfect, just as the team she leads has imperfections too, but everybody strives to excel because she never fails to inspire and motivate.

She is Josephine “Jolan” Regaspi, CS-Call center team lead, a friend, an adviser and a protector. And yes, in her own quiet and simple ways, she rocks!

My “Magayon” Experience

It was just a spur of the moment invitation and I didn’t let it pass, I immediately said yes. An invitation from my friend/ housemate has finally crossed out one of the many things in my bucket list:
• Visiting Bicolandia specially seeing Mayon Volcano. —– Checked 🙂

I’ve only read it from my geography books back in grade school that this Mountain is known for its perfect cone. I at last came face to face with what Bicolanos call “Magayon” – (Bicol word means beautiful).
Mayon last erupted in 2010 but it has maintained its perfect cone.

I was lucky it was not foggy during my visit and I Was able to see “her” in full. The 12 – hour bus ride to Bicol was all worth it.

Mount Mayon- known for its perfect cone
Mount Mayon- known for its perfect cone