What Actually Happened on New Year

Happy 2020 guys!!

So, following my New Year’s post, here’s what actually happened on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day!

You guys! It was full of fun, a little health scare and everything in between!


NY Eve – we all gathered as a family, my chef brother was home and did almost all the cooking, so THANK GOD! We ate, said our thanx for the year that passed, picture taking, watched fireworks and ate again! Hahahaa


NY Day – Dad had a dialysis session in the morning, we picked him up at the hospital after his session and all we went to my aunt’s house where we always have our New Year’s Day reunion. All our cousins from nearby places came over. Our “Cousins” Group chat has been active since Christmas of all the stuff that we planned to do on New Year’s gathering.

It is during New Year’s Day also when we have our annual gift – giving ( Yes, you would think it’s a little late, but this is when we are all gathered together, after all, Christmas is looooooong in the Philippines, right? )

We were happily updating each other while the oldies sat on their own chitchat corner while watching my brother and aunt prepare for yet another New Year’s Feast!  Cousins were taking selfies, kids running around, singles are updating about love lives, talking about silly things and stacking the gifts around the Christmas tree while waiting for other cousins to arrive, when I heard my aunt called my name – dad was not feeling okay. Luckily one of my cousins is a nurse, she attended to dad and checked on his BP, turned out, post dialysis, his BP spiked to 210/100.

I immediately called his doctor, but she was on a vacation. We called the dialysis center at the hospital and we were advised to give him Sublingual captopril. I did not understand a thing so I handed the phone over to the nurse in the family.

Another cousin who is a police officer was having a good meal but he unhesitatingly left his plates, hopped on to his bike and drove to the nearest drugstore. The meds did not do the job, so we had to rush dad to the ER.

Thankfully, he was released after 4 hours. Me and my sister had to spend the afternoon of the 1st day of the decade at the ER waiting for dad’s BP to normalize, but I am still thankful he is up and about now.

We may have missed the fun, we may have missed the other cousins who came late, we may have not witnessed a lot of things unfold  which we have been planning for a long time, but I am grateful that everything went back to normal.

That day was a reminder that I have the best family ever. How selfless my cousins were to put the needs of their uncle first before theirs.  How the rest of the family constantly checked on us while they were in the  middle of gift-giving, how my aunt sent us “take home” food because she knew we left without eating. How everybody gave time when a family member needed help. I am forever thankful. We may had a little health scare to start a year, but we have the next 364 days to make things better!

On a much lighter note, let me share with you our New Year’s eve feast prepared by the awesome brother:

Happy New Year, y’all!

Happy 2020

One day before a decade ends!!

What are you planning to do on the first day of the new year?

As for me, I will definitely sleep longer. I am very sure I would be staying up all night on New Year’s eve beause friends and family are coming together. Whatever you wanna do on Jan 1 onwards, I pray that that will make you happy.

At this very moment, I am in my room and  as I tap my keyboards, downstairs at the kitchen is a different chaos. Foods are getting prepared for the new year’s eve feast. I am glad my chef brother is home every new year. That spared me from Kitchen responsibilties. Lol!

On a more serious note, I wish each one of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I pray that 2020 will be our best year! I hope that  2020 will be even better for you and your family’s health, financial situation and you and your loved-ones’ happiness!

Love and Light to all of you, tight virtual hug!!





SG with Family!

We have been blessed with an opportunity to travel together again as one family. This was after my niece was born and my dad was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. With the baby in tow and with dialysis sessions that dad should not miss, it seemed impossible to travel. But with go signals from dad’s doctors and all the needful for his health, plus, our baby girl is now three, big enough to walk, off we went to Singapore!

( if you are in the same condition or your family member has the same health issue but you wanted to travel, hit me up, I can tell you what are the things to prepare as advised by our doctors, by the airlines, etc)

This trip was even made special because it was dad’s birthday. This was my second trip to Singapore, yet, this place still amazed me.

Giving you glimpse of our trip.

Accommodation : Strand Hotel

Address: 25 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189619

Phone: +65 6338 1866

You could book via Booking.com / no pre-payment required.


What are the places near the hotel?

  • Right outside the hotel is MRT Bencoolen Station, on the other side of the road is Bras Basah MRT station. Very convenient.
  • Across the hotel is a Food Court called Food Republic that offers wide variety of food. ( this was where we had most of our meals specially breakfast)
  • Beside Food Republic are 7-11 store and Starbucks Coffee.
  • About 5 minute-walk from the hotel, we attended Sunday mass at Church of the Sacred Heart.
  • Walking distance from Bugis Junction – One of the well-visited shopping sites in Singapore.

Getting Around the City:

Since we were a big group and my dad was advised to refrain from walking, plus we needed a car seat for our toddler, we always took advantage of grab cars. It may seem expensive but it’s worth it if you are in a big group. We would always book 1 6-seater and 1 grab with kid ( 3adult +1 kid).

So much for my words, here are the outtakes of our Singapore trip.

Marina Bay Sands at Night


View From Merlion Park
Merlion Park
Jewel at Changi
View From Singapore Flyer



Have fun!

Leaving you with this:

Always find time to spend with your loved-ones. Need not be pricey, but memorable.


Thank you. Love, SimplymeSMC.

Letter for Our King

You came at the most unexpected time!

Yes, so unexpected that left the entire family stunned for a few days.  Your dad was going to be a priest. That’s the mindset of your Lola and Lolo, the mindset of your great grand aunt who happened to be my mom who is very close to your dad.

You cannot blame them. Adults in our family are plan-oriented, and your dad was going to have his ordination in three months. Everybody thought he will be the first priest in the family. But God had a different plan. Your dad met your mom and they were destined to be together.

Being the closest aunt to your dad, I could still recall him messaging me one day. Maybe confused, maybe afraid of breaking the news to your Lola, my cousin. Maybe needing someone who would tell him, “everything is going to be okay”. As far as I could remember, I told him to assess and confirm he is 100% sure of his decision to get out of the seminary. And If he is certain that the vocation was not really for him, the entire family will surely understand and will support him. Yes, I know for sure, he will hear the never ending “whys” and “ohhhsss” and “are you sures” but these will all pass.  True enough, the entire clan supported your dad’s choices.

Not long enough, you were born. Oh boy, I was a lola at such a young age.  But you brought so much joy to the people around you. You grew up to be so sweet and smart little boy. Your Lola Neneng would always tell us about funny things that you made, or your achievements in school.

Last month, I messaged your dad to bring you over to Manila during summer break, so you could go to theme parks. You deserve to have fun because I heard you have been a very good pupil in school. Your baby sister was about to arrive, so your dad said, you will visit us when the second baby is a little bigger and fit enough to travel.

We waited for you. We knew you would have awesome time bonding with your little Aunt who speaks straight English like you. We were excited because we knew you both will click in an instant. We looked forward to that time.

Little did we know, God was also waiting for you up there. Your Lola called me at 4 am and informed of your passing. Of all the losses that our family had to go through, yours was the hardest to accept. You were just 5. You had a whole life ahead of you. You left unexpectedly, King, just as you arrived. But we find comfort in the fact that you are happier with God now. In there, no more pain, no more hurt. Just pure bliss.

I didn’t get to see you in person despite your dad’s constant nagging for me to come home to our hometown. Sorry, little one, I didn’t go out of my way to meet you. But we shall see each other one day.

Rest well and please whisper to God that He makes your mom and dad stronger for your little sister.

Sleep little one, you are in solace now in the hands of God. Heaven gained another angel in you, King.



My Kind of Weekend

Not every day do I get to spend time with ny siblings. Not even every weekend.

As we get older, we realize the value of togetherness and spending more time with people who really matter.  I’m starting that with spending weekend with my three sibs. Awesome Foursome, we are indeed!






My Role Model

I  was applying for a part-time job online and part of the online application was to write  and essay about  one person who has influenced me when it comes to training or teaching. Without any ado, I thought of writing about just one person. No one else comes close.


Here it goes…

I grew up to be hard working and responsible person especially in my studies and in my job because of a special person. She was my teacher in pre-school. I started at a very young age of three in school and she showed nothing but patience with me and my classmates.

I graduated from pre-school and moved on with my being a student. She also moved on to find a new job, as she has a growing family to support. She got a job from a government office. She remained my inspiration despite the so many changes that we each encountered.

When I was trying to decide on the course to take for college, she suggested AB – English because she knew I was good in that field. And she knew because she used to be the Best in English Awardee in high school too. As the say, it takes one to know one.

She has become instrumental in almost all of my milestones in life. When I got promoted to be a trainer at work, she was the first one to know. And she was genuinely happy. I told her, I did it all because she molded me ever since I first stepped my feet at school ground. She was my supporter in all my undertakings and my greatest critic too. She was so selfless and always willing to share with me everything that she thinks could help me in my journey in life. She set a very good example of professionalism as apparent in her almost 20 year – stay in a government office. And she doesn’t just love me, she loves my siblings too.

Her name is Ma. Belen. And I am one of her 4 children. Yes, she is my mother and she is my forever inspiration.

Our Road to Big Three – Zero ( Singapore)

With us turning 30 this year, also marks the 24th year of our friendship.

It has always been a part of our bucket list to travel abroad before we reach 30. Amongst the “brus”, as we call one another, only Annalyn has the chance to go out of the country for several times already with her family.

It was Joan’s and my first time to travel a foreign land and SG is our first destination.

Sharing with you our Singapore Adventure- The first destination on our road to big Three Zero!

Singapore Flyer: The world's tallest Ferris Wheel
Singapore Flyer: The world’s tallest Ferris Wheel
Tourist Unlimited Card that we purchased that could be used in MRT, LRT and bus
Tourist Unlimited Card that we purchased that could be used in MRT, LRT and bus
Bugis Junction Area
Bugis Village Area
Trying out local food with my Bru
Trying out local food with my Bru
A pose with Merlion, ofcourse
A pose with Merlion, ofcourse
Marina Bay Sands at night
Marina Bay Sands at night
Obligatory Selfie at Universal Studios Logo
Obligatory Selfie at Universal Studios Logo
Goofing around like true-blue foreigners :-)
Goofing around like true-blue foreigners 🙂
In a land of Far far away
In a land of Far far away
Giant grove at gardens by The bay
Giant grove at gardens by The bay
We were like Kids again
We were like Kids again
We saw panda bear
We saw panda bear
Taken by my beautiful travel buddy
Taken by my beautiful travel buddy
Singapore Botanical Garden
Singapore Botanical Garden