Late Night Thoughts

And here I thought I know this place so well
I believed I know every edge and every corner
I called it my home for a decade
But now it dawned to me, I am a stranger in this place.

Here I thought I know everyone
That eveybodyelse is as happy as I am
Here I thought I could trust these people
Turned out ambition could change one person.

Is it time to say “so long’?
Is it time to find another comfort zone?
I sure did accomplish alot in this home
But I think its about time I find a new hearthstone.

Instant Poet

So on a late mid-week night, my brother sent me a message in Facebook Messenger:

Ate , its an emergency, I need a two –stanza original poem for my tomorrow’s Literature subject, can you make me one? “

How could I ever refuse to my one and only brother’s request? Of course, the big sister in me kicked in. I was on my way to work, ( yes, I work at night) and my creative mind fortunately cooperated.

Here’s my composition, literally completed on a cab ride to work:

*Mother Nature’s Plea*

Look around, what do you see?

Do you still hear tweeting birds or a  buzzing bee?

Look around and tell me

Is this how mother nature should turn out to be?

Gone are the trees that provide shades

Flower that blooms slowly fades

Please act for the children of the future

So they still see my beauty as your mother nature.

-Shiela May Cornepillo