Late Night Thoughts

And here I thought I know this place so well
I believed I know every edge and every corner
I called it my home for a decade
But now it dawned to me, I am a stranger in this place.

Here I thought I know everyone
That eveybodyelse is as happy as I am
Here I thought I could trust these people
Turned out ambition could change one person.

Is it time to say “so long’?
Is it time to find another comfort zone?
I sure did accomplish alot in this home
But I think its about time I find a new hearthstone.

You are

My Love,


You are my calm amidst the storm;

You the sweetest dream that ever came true.

You are my happiness in any form,

Every day’s a valentine when I’m with you.


Come high and low you are by my side,

Miles apart but not a problem on sight.

You are the comfort in my darkest days,

And you are my joy in every way.


– Love, Simplymesmc

My First Lang Leav

I finally got to finish my first Lang Leav novel, Sad Girls. I had no idea about Lang Leav’s type of a writer, nor have I read her other works. My discovery of Lang Leav  just came about when I decided to scout  for new writer to read, saw her book in a bestseller list and I thought of trying her out.

So I finished the “Sad Girls”.

I would have to be honest, I am not impressed with how she has written this book. I felt like there were too many squandered characters and twists in the story. Side characters’ roles were not esthetically built up. I also feel that the plot was unsuitable for highschool-er characters. (Disclaimer: these are just my opinion, you go read the book and tell me if you feel otherwise).

So much of my mini- book review!

I didn’t give up on Lang Leav.  After reading and not being satisfied with Sad Girls, I looked up for her other works.

Why? I just want to see where she was coming from. And I got the answer: She transitioned from poetry to novels, I cannot say this is a better move, but , I found out that she has written several poems. And boi, she was sooo good.

Some of her poems from Love & Misadventure:

Just Friends

I know that I don’t own you,

and perhaps I never will,

so my anger when you’re with her,

I have no right to feel.

I know that you don’t owe me,

and I shouldn’t ask for more;

I shouldn’t feel so let down,

all the times when you don’t call.



Xs and Os

Love is a game

of tic-tac-toe,

constantly waiting,

for the next x or o.

My first Leav experience didn’t satisfy but I don’t always believe in first impression that lasts. I may not be a fan of her first novel venture but I will keep reading her poetry, that’s for sure.