Late Night Thoughts

And here I thought I know this place so well
I believed I know every edge and every corner
I called it my home for a decade
But now it dawned to me, I am a stranger in this place.

Here I thought I know everyone
That eveybodyelse is as happy as I am
Here I thought I could trust these people
Turned out ambition could change one person.

Is it time to say “so long’?
Is it time to find another comfort zone?
I sure did accomplish alot in this home
But I think its about time I find a new hearthstone.

Jolan Rocks!

CaptureThis is the transcript of an article that made it to the IM Q3 Newsletter!


A team without a leader is like a ship without a captain. Just like a ship, without a great captain, the team will sink. A team lead makes or breaks the team for it’s the TL who oversees performance of the entire group. Many call themselves a leader but only a few embody “leadership” in its truest, deepest meaning. For me, leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal and my Team Lead is one of the few.
The first time I got to talk to her was two years ago when she had a one-on-one talk with me as a newbie to the call center team. She had my trust in an instant because she made me feel welcome and she let me voice out my expectations from her, from the team, and from the program itself. In return, she also pointed out hers. This alone was a sign that she was willing to listen to a subordinate like me. Her being open to suggestions and feedback and her flexibility have impressed me the most. Not to mention her fair treatment of everyone in a team. She set rules agreed upon by the entire team and she imposes these rules no matter the person involved. This is apparent in simple attendance or stats issues.
We have been under her leadership for a couple of years now, and we are witnesses to how she constantly exerts effort to improve her craft. Just like us, she does not rest on her laurels, too. She also goes out of her way to study the process and even asks clarifications. She has visions not just for herself but for the entire team. This is obvious with how she encourages the entire team to excel in everything that we do in order to get qualified in any career opportunities within the company.
Furthermore, she goes out of her way to ensure that her associates who show potential get support and additional trainings that they need to prepare them in stepping up to the plate. She does this by devoting hours of her Saturday mornings conducting learning sessions for some reps; she teaches a group of rep from the team about management skills and coaching techniques to name a few.
Juggling her time between motherhood and leadership, she aces both fields and that makes her exceptional. At work, she manages the call center team so well, making sure that a day-to-day service level is met. Back home, she never misses any single milestone in her kids’ lives, be it at school or simple things at home, and she proudly shares them with the team. She isn’t perfect, just as the team she leads has imperfections too, but everybody strives to excel because she never fails to inspire and motivate.

She is Josephine “Jolan” Regaspi, CS-Call center team lead, a friend, an adviser and a protector. And yes, in her own quiet and simple ways, she rocks!

Love In Time of Typhoon

After the Monster Yolanda washed –off a big part of the Visayas area, a number of comments, ideas and arguments sprouted at the social media sites, some are good, and others need be ignored.

Be it on Twitter or Facebook, netizens would freely post how they feel about what happened. From having their families directly affected, to the sharing news clips to update everybody about the recent tragedy or even bashing the government for the efforts that it extends to those affected areas.

We have realized, we can do better than ranting online.

As almost all companies do in famine such as this, which for some reason, normally happen s when Holiday season is approaching, the company I’m working at has decided to cancel the company-wide Christmas party to donate the fund to Tacloban, the hardest- hit area. Our Team has also given away a portion of our team fund and just settled for a simple yet meaningful Christmas party. All in the name of Bayanihan!

We could have settled for that, just donate money and that’s it, we can have our normal lives again, we have already extended help anyways.

But as everybody calls for help, specially our brothers and sisters in the Visayas, our hearts would not just settle for something less. We know we could give more. More than the monetary help that we could provide, we know that there are departments or sectors that need our services.
Gawad Kalinga is one of them.

As soon as we have collected a pretty good amount of money and goods from our friends at work, we headed to Gawad Kalinga command center in FTI Taguig to volunteer our services.
What we did?  We helped bag thousands of “family packs” for Tacloban and Samar. My friend Toni helped carry , yes , he carried sacks of rice.

I am not writing because I wanna brag about the good things that I have personally done, but I am sharing how proud I am of the Filipino Spirit as apparent in the relief operations. In there, you would see that no matter where one from, regardless of one’s status in the society, the love for our countrymen binds everyone.
I also am mostly proud with how my friends Jolan and Toni have selflessly devoted their time for the relief efforts.

To Gawad Kalinga Team that consistently extends help regardless of the weather, to everybody who in their own little ways, found time to help and to the typhoon survivors themselves, after a few weeks of exerting effort to get our lives back to normal, we are slowly seeing the light.
Indeed, no amount of typhoon can bring the Filipino Spirit down.

Toni at Gk fTI
Toni at Gk fTI

My SuperMom

 20 years ago, when I was just about 7, I regarded you as the antagonist in my own story:

  • A woman who woke me up early everyday
  • A woman who nagged at me when I went home late from school
  • A woman who required me to pay respect to ALL people even when I don’t feel like doing it ; even if they are mean
  • A woman who would scold me when I get home with bruises and cuts from my irresponsible- childish games
  • A woman who violated the anti- child labor law by forcing me to make my bed; to clean the room; to wash dishes and worst of all, by forcing me to learn how to do the laundry.
  • A woman who forced me to stay at home when I feel sick
  • A woman who turned off the TV during exam days even if our favorite show is airing
  • A woman who made me wear clothes I don’t like wearing at all
  • A woman who made an inventory of how I spent my allowance  for the day by making me recite everything that I bought

My list was never- ending. I could go on and on pointing out  all that I hated in you when I was growing up.

But you know what? I miss all of those things now.

Now that I have grown into a fine woman, living my own life, all I can say is, thank you to the WOMAN who made me into who I am today.

 Thank you for teaching me to develop a pattern of waking up on time every day, it taught me how to value not just my own time but of others too.

 Thank You for training me how to make the bed and for  forcing me into doing the laundry. I am now living on my own and surviving because I can do all these chores.

 I am on my way to reaching my dreams because you didn’t give up on me and my siblings. We are living life to the fullest now because you raised us well.

 Just when I thought you were just simply being difficult to us when we were growing up, you were patiently giving us your tough love. You only wanted the best for us.  And I have long realized that.

Thank You for playing a very important role in my life, Nanay.

You are the best woman in the whole –wide –world. And I’m taking  my word back 20 years ago.

 I meant to say, you were, you are and will always be a Superstar in my life story!

Call Center Bashers

DISCLAIMER: This piece was written almost two years ago when I was jobless and had the time of my life reading news and minding people’s comments. I am posting this again because we’ve been hearing nasty things about call center workers again from people who give speeches on graduation day, from people who pretend to be all good and better than a call center worker. 

I often remind myself to choose my battle and not to mind gratuitous issues. I always tell myself that saying NO to trouble is an act of maturity.  I could have let this one pass but through the days, the urge of writing about this sensitive topic was getting stronger. I have had sleepless nights, literally, sleepless thinking about it. I’m annoyed, I’ mad and I was hoping that through this piece, I could somehow appease my anger.

It’s been in papers; it’s not a surprise at all that HIV is one of the major problems DOH has to address today. It is rampant, let’s face it, it is rampant especially with the youth of this generation who need more awareness about safe sex. Saying that it has been widespread with today’s youth does not mean adults do not get it, yes they do, and irresponsible adults do.

My writing is not all about HIV, it has something to do with the comment I heard from people who pretend to be morally decent.

I was once in a public transportation when I heard two ladies discussing something they have heard from the news about HIV and how they associate it with call center people. I was at first impressed that they are aware of what‘s happening to the society but I became more engaged with my eavesdropping when one lady, (who by the way looked like working in a well-known grocery store based on her uniform) commented about call-center workers being immoral. Her exact word “kaya ayaw ko mag apply sa call center kasi ang daming ka imoralan”. (That’s why I don’t want to apply in call center because workers are immoral. )

 Believe me; I almost smacked that girl if only I was not worried about the scandal I may cause because of that. But as I was about to alight the jeep, I bluntly told the girl “ kung ayaw mo magtrabaho sa call center, mas madaming trabaho ang pwede maliban sa pagiging sales girl sa SM, para lang yan sa di marunong mag English, maliban nlng kung di ka talaga marunong”   ( if u don’t wanna work in a call center, being a sales lady is not the only option, leave that to those who can’t speak good English, unless you really can’t)  which left those ill-mannered ladies dumbfounded.

The days have passed; I was trying to justify what I have done to that poor girl. I felt the guilt,  I thought I went overboard and ridiculed her capacity or her educational attainment, however, I  realized that maybe I was just giving her the dose of her own medicine . After all, they are not being good at all; they generalized everybody who works in a Call – center Industry without even thinking that they are in a public place. So, I just simply shrugged it off and got it over with.

Every time I get to hear repulsive comments about call center workers, it makes me furious. I may not be in this industry now but this industry molded me and fed me for five years!  I feel for those people who work not for anything else but to earn big in order to send their children to school, to those people who work simply because they want to provide for their family.

I wanna say, not everybody who works in a call center industry is immoral just as not everybody who works in a religious institution is morally upright! My point is, do not judge people based on what you hear or read.

To the one I completely know who keeps on saying negatives, stop judging people! Stop saying nasty comments about the people who work in this industry. Look at yourself first, go get a mirror and polish your own flaws first! Didn’t you live with your boyfriend first before you got married? Was not that immoral too? ( I really don’t care about your personal life just as long as you stop pretending to be a saint).  You have once in your life worked in this industry, were you in an immoral activity for you to have said those things? ( oh well, mine is just a simple question 🙂 )

Yes, call center workers work at night, that’s why they get night differentials sweetie! But that does not mean they do bad things in the dark. Yes, call center worker loves to drink and party, that’s because this is the least that they could do after a long, tiring week .

Yes, call center workers love gadgets, love clothes, love to dress up, love starbucks coffee and anything else out of your usual scale…and do you know why? BECAUSE THEY CAN AFFORD, BECAUSE THEY EARN MORE!


–          Allow some translations for the benefit of my friends who can’t understand Tagalog!              -S